Sunday, August 26, 2012

Now Here's What I Think.

{source: white paper quotes on tumblr}
I recently found this quote on Tumblr, and it really resonated with me. I don't mean to offend anyone with this post, please remember this is solely my opinion on the matter. The quote just really made me think about all of the I'm-a-hipster-I'm-gonna-write-a-book-and-make-great-art-and-the-world-will-love-me stuff that's been floating around lately. Not just on blogger, but in my "real world" as well. I understand the wanting to have people swoon over what you write or photograph or make. I'm sure everyone feels this way. I just think that some people take it a step too far. They write poem after poem and post photo after photo, always expecting the highest praise. The thing to remember is that not everyone can be famous. More importantly, you don't need to be famous to be successful or happy or even talented. Don't spend all of your life pouring yourself into poems and photos and paintings when you could be pouring yourself into you. In the end, what matters is not what you wrote or made, what matters is how you lived your life. Please don't forget that. Your happiness is not dependent upon the approval of others. Do what makes you happy, do what you know is right, be yourself and the rest will come. I'm not saying that you shouldn't write, photograph, or make art. If you love to write, then write. If you love to paint, then paint. Not for the world, but for you. Be the most beautiful poem you can be.


  1. This was great Kristin :) And so well said. And the phrase "Be the most beautiful poem you can" needs to be printed in a beautiful font, and pinned, and printed and put on facebook and on my blog and on my bedroom wall. I don't exactly know how, but I really needed to hear that today. I agree with you on so many levels. We shouldn't pour ourselves into something that will fade, we should pour ourselves into US, and make sure we leave the beauty of Jesus wherever we go ♥


    1. Thank you so much :) I'm glad that I encouraged you!


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