Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The End.

Somehow, all summer, I've had the feeling that it just wouldn't end. That I would go on hanging out with friends, going to amusement parks, eating ice cream, working to support my book habit and wearing shorts and t-shirts into oblivion. That maybe the real-world would never come knocking and I would be nothing more than a high-school graduate forever.
Despite my illusions, this summer is drawing to an end, and it's a very bittersweet feeling. It's been one of the best summers I've had in a while, what with no AP summer work to worry about and all of the best-friend-time I've been able to spend with her since she started working at the same place I do. I've had two excursions with my group of friends from work. It's been wonderful.
Now, half of my work friends are going off to college, and I'm starting community college as well. I won't have nearly as much free time to spend just doing nothing. My world will be composed of somethings again. But that's not all bad. I guess you could say that I'm one of those people who craves routine and consistency. College will be a new experience for me, and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) making some new friends and experiencing some new things. I may even be looking forward to doing school work again, but don't tell.


  1. The Lord be with you as you go to college!! It's a scary venture, to be sure, but I believe the rewards of learning and the blessings of new friends will outbalance the fear. :)

    I graduated in 2011, and I will admit, I miss doing schoolwork sometimes (yeah, don't tell anyone either). I'm currently waiting on God's timing to see if and when He wants me to go to college, but in the meantime, I'm keeping busy working for my dad in his business and helping my family. I've discovered that when you're where God wants you to be, you can experience no greater happiness.

    God bless! :)
    Kiri Liz

    1. Thanks for the encouragement :) I hope you find where God wants you to be.


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