Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fall is my Favorite.

I know this is far from original, because apparently every blogger's favorite season is Fall. (Funny how summer was the favorite a few months ago. But I digress.)
There are so many (cliche) reasons that I love Fall: I love the way the leaves begin to show their true colors. I love how the heat and humidity disappear. I love the moody grey color the sky takes on around October. It's the perfect background for inspiration.
Beyond that, there's just a special feeling in the air that comes with Fall. I can't even really describe it. I can't tell whether the feeling comes because Fall is my favorite season, or if the feeling is what makes Fall my favorite. It's a feeling of change, but the best kind. The kind that means you are moving forward and away from the past. It's a feeling of second chances. Though it seems strange amidst all the dying, it's a feeling of hope (call me crazy).
Fall also means back to school. I've touched on this already, but I'm ready to go to school - or in my case, to college. I enjoy learning (with math being the main exception) and doing school work. Nerd that I am, I find back to school shopping to be immensely enjoyable. New notebooks, folders, pens and pencils are the best.
To me, Fall means a fresh start more so than January 1st. It's a new school year, and especially this time around, I can be whoever I want to be (namely, me). Fall is coming, and somehow I have the feeling that this will be the best one yet.
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  1. I think each season is full of promise, but especially and specifically fall as you've got the whole new beginning of school years and learning everything that the Lord has prepared for you. There's always the high expectations, but then in some things, you're really never certain what to expect, and that adds to the specialness (if that is a word) of the season. :)

  2. Fall is my favorite too, haha :) But it always has been. I totally agree with the feeling in the air that you can't quite describe. I absolutely just flat out love fall ♥


  3. Hey, Kristin! I've awarded you over at one of my blogs, Allergic to Chocolate! Be sure to stop by and check it out! :)


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