Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Beach // Part 2

Here it is: the second half of my photos from the beach. I am really proud of the way a few of these turned out, and I'd have to say that these are my favorites (as compared to the ones in Part 1). This post is a bit more photo-heavy so it might take a bit longer to load.

These photos are a few more beach photos that I took since the last upload:

 The following photos were all taken at Jockey's Ridge State Park, which is made up of sand dunes. I went a little shutter-happy, so please excuse the volume of photos:

 The following were taken from the top of the dunes. It was amazing how far you could see.

The Sound (between the island and the mainland)

Nag's Head in the distance
All in all, I had a great time in the Outer Banks. I'm sort of sad that it's over now. I've been anticipating it for over a year, and now after one whirlwind week, it's over. At least I'll have my memories♥

Just a heads up on the direction the blog will be taking within the next two weeks: after a few summer-wrap-up posts, Fall will be in full swing, at least in my little corner of the blogosphere. Fall is my very-most-favorite season, so prepare for many autumn-themed posts, most likely well into December because I have a hard time letting go of fall when it leaves every year. (hah. leaves. no pun intended. That's your corny joke of the day.)


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