Wednesday, March 28, 2012

newsprint nails and other stuff.

 I found a super-easy tutorial on pinterest to transfer newsprint to your nails. (Isn't pinterest wonderful?) I'm not usually a fan of those tutorials on blogs, because they get too involved to really fully explain in words and pictures. This one is different (to me anyway). It's not hard at all.
You will need:
- a neutral colored nail polish like white or light grey
- rubbing alcohol
- newspaper pieces or strips (one for each nail)
- a clear top-coat

1. Paint your nails with the neutral color.
2. Once that layer is COMPLETELY dry, dip your fingertips into rubbing alcohol.
3. Press the newspaper strips onto your nail and hold it there for about 30 seconds. Carefully peel it away, and *hopefully* the letters will have transferred onto your nails.
4.apply a clear top-coat to seal it in. Mine smeared a bit when I put on the top-coat, so I would suggest letting the letters dry a bit before putting on the top-coat.

 If you're someone like me who is in love with words, it's super cute! There are so many variations I want to try, like using the comics page or spelling out words.

Anyway, on a completely different note, I think I've discovered why I always had trouble starting a blog. I've been so caught up in trying to make it like all of the uber-successful blogs that I read and I've forgotten that I have to make it  mine. I am not those other bloggers, so there's no reason that my blog should read or look like theirs. I have to write my own posts (as in not write a post on a similar topic as someone else's. No plagiarism implied!) and take my own pictures from my own perspective. I want a blog that can stand on its own feet, and I'm going to do my best to make that happen.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Reason Why

The reason why this blog is named what it is:
 I am a nerd. " 'Tis true, 'tis pity, and pity 'tis, 'tis true." Bonus points if you can tell me where that quote came from. But really, I don't mind being a nerd. It's who I am. I believe the beginning of becoming who you want to be is embracing who you already are. I like being intelligent. I like knowing things like random facts about Lady Jane Grey (the fact that she even exists may be a random fact to some), how to conjugate Spanish verbs and what mitosis really is. I can enjoy school and often by the end of July I'm ready to go back.
I am more than a "knowledge nerd," if you will. I am also a book nerd. First class. I have loved books for as long as I can remember, and some of them have become my best friends (not that I don't have real friends... *ahem* I do). I love reading a book and really getting to know the characters. To understand why Katniss sacrifices herself for her family and why Liesel pours herself into the words. All of those stories become part of mine.
But anyway, that's why. I am a nerd and I am proud of it. to quote the wonderful John Green: “Saying 'I notice you're a nerd' is like saying, 'Hey, I notice that you'd rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you'd rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?' "
PS: The quote. It's from Hamlet. Because I'm sure you care.
PPS: Longer post soon, I promise!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Right now where I live everything is turning green. We're having unseasonably warm weather, but who am I to complain? Flowers are growing and it feels like the world is finally waking up after winter. It's so lovely outside....

This is what spring looks like at my house, in my mom's flower beds. It's a little early, but it looks like spring is here to stay. I think the whole world looks brighter and cleaner in spring.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Confession 001.

I have always wanted to start a blog. And if we're being completely honest here, this is my second attempt. I just felt like the first one was so contrived, and not at all "me." I'm still not sure who exactly I am, but it is not that. I want this to be somewhere I can be completely honest, say what's on my mind, and share my take on the world. I know at first I won't have any followers, and I may never get very many, but I'm doing this more for me than for anyone else. Sure, it would be nice to write one of those mega-blogs that have a few hundred followers, but I'll be okay if I never do. For now, I just want to make this the best blog it can be. "I have loved the words and I have hated them, and I hope that I have made them right." {Liesel from The Book Thief, one of my all time favorite books.}