Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Award.

I was awarded this by Kiri Liz on Allergic to Chocolate. You should check out her main blog, Lianne Taimenlore, as well! She's having an Epic Disney Blog Party this week, and it's, well... epic :)
1. You must post 11 facts about yourself
2. You must also answer the 11 questions that the awarder has given you, and create 11 questions for your awardees to answer in turn.
3. Tag 11 fellow bloggers. (I don't know if I can come up with 11 people to tag, but I'm going to try!)
4. Notify them that you've awarded them.
5. No tagging back.
6. And the 11 blogs that you tag must have less than 200 followers.

Eleven facts about myself:
1. I find it difficult to come up with facts about myself.
2. I'm always the one laughing the longest at a joke. Sometimes, I just can't stop.
3. I should be doing my math right now.
4. I have trouble deleting pictures from my memory card because I always think I'll want them as soon as I delete them.
5. My blog is at 71 posts right now (72 counting this one) and I think I'll plan something awesome for the 100th post.
6. My boss officially thinks that my best friend and I are crazy.
7. I'm 5'2 (I told you, I'm bad at coming up with facts about myself!)
8.I always  have a long list of books to read, and most of them never even get read (unfortunately)
9. I hate sand. I love the beach, but I hate sand. It dosen't make much sense.
10. Mint M&Ms are my favorite.
11. I own too much solid colored clothing.

Eleven questions from Kiri Liz:
 1. What is your favorite book? The Book Thief, as of now anyway.
2. Do you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? This is tough. Coffee, I guess.
3. Preferred style of dressing: casual or formal? Casual. Formal, only when ABSOLUTELY necessary.
4. What is your favorite candy? Anything chocolate.
5. If given a day to spend in any book/movie, which one would you choose? I'd have to say the Chronicles of Narnia series. Specifically Voyage of the Dawn Treader (movie or book).
6. What are some of your favorite blogs? See the list of people I've awarded at the bottom :)
7. What is your favorite way to eat ice cream? Cone, ice cream cake, sundae, or other? So many difficult questions! I guess as a sundae.
8. What is your favorite outside activity? Reading. On a blanket on the grass. Athletic I am not.
9. What is your favorite Bible verse? As of right now? Hebrews 6:19: "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."
10. How does your family spend a slow, summer evening? Card games, eating ice cream, maybe sparklers on a special occasion.
11. What is your favorite memory? Do I have to pick a favorite? Anything I do with my extended family. Cheesy as that sounds.

My eleven questions for the awardees:
This may be harder than the eleven facts about myself!
1. What is your favorite season?
2. If you could be any animal, what would you choose?
3. What is your favorite subject in school? (I guess "lunch" counts, if you despise it that much)
4. As Anne Shirley put it, would you rather be, "dazzlingly clever, angelically good, or divinely beautiful"?
5. A lake or the ocean?
6. Reading or listening to music?
7. What is your favorite television show?
8. If you could meet any literary character, who would you choose?
9. What is your favorite magazine?
10. Would you rather be athletically talented, or musically talented?
11. Did you enjoy answering these questions? (let's hope the answer is yes!)

And finally, the award goes to...
1. Molly 
2. Hannah 
3. Hannah (a different one!)
And I guess that's it... It's hard to think of bloggers who have less than 200 followers.


  1. Thank you so much!! I have always wanted to get tagged on one of these, so I think I might actually do it :)
    Oh, and by the way, I also am the longest one laughing, and for some reason it's always when we are eating with another family... Yeah, I have embarrassed myself enough.


    1. You're welcome :) Your blog was definitely one of my first choices. I, too, have certainly embarrassed myself in the same way (usually at work).

  2. Why thank you! I enjoyed reading this about you, I'll think about doing it myself if time allows it. :)

    1. You're welcome! Don't worry about it if you don't have time, it is a rather time consuming award post.


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