Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hardest Thing To Remember.

This ^^ is, for me, probably one of the hardest lessons to remember. I'm a worrier. I get it from my dad. The moment something starts to veer from the path I think it should take, I begin to envision the worst case scenario and dwell on it obsessively. I can't count how many times this has happened to me. Right now, the reason is that I am scrambling to sign up for my college courses on time because I am waiting for my clearances to be mailed to me. I keep thinking, "How am I going to get everything ready in time? What if I can't sign up for the classes I need and then have to take them at another campus? My boss is never going to be able to figure out my work schedule if I don't even know when my classes are!" And, cue *freaking out*. The thing I always fail to remember, or at least fail to consider, is that every other time I've let my irrational fears take over, everything has worked out okay, or even better than okay. I cannot remember one time when my expectations of such a situation have actually become reality. Things always work themselves out if I just give them time and keep calm. That simple fact should be enough to keep my fears at bay. Every time this happens, I give myself this very same pep talk. Maybe, someday, I'll listen and take my own advice.

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  1. Ah, listening to one's own advice IS hard! Really liking the quote too.


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