Thursday, May 17, 2012

For the Love of Books.

                           -n a person who collects or is fond of books

Yup, I guess you'd say that's me in a nutshell. If you came up to me on the street and asked me, out of nowhere, what my favorite thing to do is, chances are that I would reply with very little hesitation, "reading!" Yes, I raise the nerd flag high. I am unashamed. But that's beside the point.
I love books because with every story you can expand your horizons, travel for miles without leaving the comfort of your home. There are certain books and characters that have become like friends to me, as strange as that may sound. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a familiar story is comforting to me. It never changes, no matter how many times I go back and reread it. There are those books that I just can't shake, that stay with me long after I close the cover leaving my heart with this empty-full feeling that I never know quite what to do with.
Books have taught me lessons that can never be learned in the classroom. From Lucy Pevensie I have learned the value of persistence and the faith of a child. From Jane Eyre I have learned that hard as it may be, if I put my morals and in essence my faith before all other desires, in the end I will get all that I longed for and more. From Anne Shirley I have learned the power of imagination and an optimistic spirit. From Meg Murray I have learned that even the most seemingly plain and untalented can draw strength from their weaknesses. I could go on, but I think you see my point and to go any farther would be overkill.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're someone who doesn't like to read, give it another chance. Find  a story that interests you and just drink it in. You don't have to jump right into the classics to become a reader. Many of the books that I have been assigned to read in school have been drawn out and boring, so please don't base your opinion on them! Try something on your own. You just may be surprised.


  1. Oh I loved this post! I too LOVE to read!! I am reading all the time. That is one of the things I am looking forward to about Summer, just being able to read all day! :D


    1. Me too. Summer can't come soon enough.

  2. Oh my word. I absolutely love to read. I have read so many books, and have so much more to read =)
    On another note, I awarded you an award for girls with great blogs. You can come check it out when you have time =D
    Have a lovely day!



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