Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Words.

So, I thought that I would share some little snippets that I wrote. I can't say that they're anything groundbreaking, but I wanted to share them.

Anatomy of a Moment
And in that moment there lay everything. And nothing. Dreams realized, elusive hopes solidified, life taking on meaning it had never held before. And she went on oblivious, the moment unacknowledged until thousands more had passed. And as The Day came, the forgotten moment became enshrined in her heart. Life, Realized.

Change. It is avoided because everyone knows that to face it is to trade the familiar for the unknown and to sacrifice security for a life of uncertainty. Those brave hearts that face it head on do so because they have realized the truth: Only through change can love be found, accomplishments be made, and life be lived. {I'll admit this one needs a little work}

She was unconventional. She loved driving in rain and especially at night because she delighted in the watercolor smear of street signs and brake lights on the road. Fall was her favorite because she could sense the second chance beneath the dying. She stayed up long into the night writing poetry that did not rhyme but had an eloquence all its own. She wore unexpected snatches of color that on anyone else would seem contrived. She was the most genuine person I had ever known, and the way she lived put my existing to shame.

So there is a small sample of the words I write. I suppose I have a strange method of going about it. I can't sit down and say, "I'm going to write now," and have three or four pages finished within the hour. I can't look for inspiration, it has to come to me. The way it usually works is I will see something or hear something that will stick in my head, and words will form around it, and I will edit and revise it in my head countless times before I actually put it on paper that night. I have this nondescript black notebook with pages of these little snippets. They will most likely go no farther than those pages and this blog, but that's okay. And now, I have some last minute homework that I must work on and by this point my rambling must have bored you to tears anyway.


  1. This is awesome Kristin! I loved it! I too love to write! :)


  2. You are such a talented writer! I really loved the one about change, because that described excatly how I feel when it comes to changes <3
    Keep writing! I would love to hear more of what you have writen :)



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