Sunday, September 30, 2012


Lately I've noticed something about myself. I've always hated change, this much I know to be true. The thing I've noticed is that whenever I'm going through a big change, like this transition to college, I choose one thing that has remained constant in my life and cling to that. The familiarity brings me comfort, something to hold onto when it feels like the world is unsteady beneath my feet. Right now, strangely enough, that thing has been my job. The people there are familiar while I'm in classes full of strange faces and names that I don't know at school. The work is the same as it always was (I'm a cashier at a grocery store) even when I'm facing strange math problems and English descriptive essays. It's strange, the things people choose to cling to, the constants of life. I realize that the one thing that I should be clinging to, the constant of all constants, is God. My job could be gone tomorrow, but He will truly be there forever. He'll never fail me, but too often I forget that and feel utterly alone in the world. He's really the only constant I'll ever need if I just remember to turn to Him.

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  1. I could not agree with you more. I've been feeling the exact same way lately, but I just haven't been able to get it into words. You did an amazing job at that <3
    I think that the thing I've been clinging to lately is the smell of fresh paint that's in the kitchen right now. Yes, that probably didn't make any sense at all, but I've watched my parents paint so many rooms before, that when I smelled the smell of fresh paint drifting out of the kitchen, it reminded me of the past, and it felt so familiar.
    But you've got that right: We shouldn't cling to things that could be gone tomorrow, we need to cling to God ♥



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