Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art, Cows, and Fried Oreos.

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 Where can you go to experience all of the above in (relatively) the same place? Why, the fair of course. I regret that I have no photos of my own, but I forgot my camera :( I was really disappointed with myself, but anyways... the fair. We go at least once every year. There are so many things to see and do. They have the livestock exhibit, which is where the cows come in, but there are also a lot of other animals to look at. My favorites are the rabbits, which are completely adorable, and the llamas in the petting zoo. I'm a real sucker for llamas. In another building, they show produce and baked / canned goods which are awarded prizes. There's also, in the basement of the fire hall, all different kinds of art. This is my favorite part. There are crafts made with perler beads and such, woodworking, flower arranging, paintings and drawings, and my personal favorite and the area that I could peruse for hours, the photography. All of these are awarded prizes as well. Every year I think that I may enter a photo, but I never end up doing it. Maybe next year? Finally, there's the actual fair. Here's where the fried oreos come in. I tried them for the first time this evening, and it was arguably one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. Of course, I say that about most food that is either fried or chocolate. The fact that it contains both is just an added bonus. I also had french fries (with salt and vinegar. Yummy.) as well as fresh squeezed lemonade. There are food stands everywhere, all terribly overpriced, but hey, it's the fair. I think that every type of food they sell is either fried or sugar coated (or both). Heaven. Of course, there are rides as well, but these are also frightfully expensive, and mostly kiddie rides anyway. We rarely go on the rides. The fair is something I look forward to every fall. When it's over I always have the slight twinge of disappointment, but I know there's always next year.

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  1. The fair is always so much fun! A couple years ago, my sisters and I helped out in the CEF booth (Child Evangelism Fellowship) so we got to go to the fair every day it was open! Rather fun! :)

    Ooh! Fried oreos?! How did I have the misfortune to find out about those AFTER I became allergic to chocolate? Dash it all!


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