Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Little Things.

They're what make today perfect:

1. It's just fall enough outside to wear jeans and my favorite comfy sweatshirt.
2. Nowhere to be (Tuesdays are my favorite).
3. Bread and Nutella.
4. Hot tea and my Kindle.
5. Pandora (Hawk Nelson station).
6. Homework that's actually fun.
7. Being an introvert who enjoys days exactly like this, with noplace to be, nothing to do, and minimal human interaction.



  1. I love fall!! I'm so in the mood for everything spice and pumpkin and apple and sweatshirts and crunchy leaves! I think this may be my favorite season of the year. :)

    Hmm... and yes. Tuesdays are my favorite, as well. It's the relaxing day after a long weekend that nobody really seems to think of much.

  2. I love it when you do short, fun, and heartfelt posts like this :)

    And yes!! It's finally feeling like fall around here! I've been wearing my favorite jeans, and some of my many sweatshirts, and we've kept the windows open from sunrise to sunset around here :)

    My favorite day of the week would probably have to be Sunday, because that means church, youth group, a football game (in the fall), and pizza! :D


    1. Thanks :) Honestly, these are my favorite kind of post too. They don't take nearly as much planning, and they're usually spontaneous.


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