Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Poetry.

Poetry and I have this love-hate relationship going on. I go through phases when I'll read it, quote it (in my mind and aloud. Don't judge), and generally just soak it in. I'll revel in the way the words roll off of my tongue, the way they're crafted to fit together perfectly.Then I go through other phases when the poetry I come across seems tedious, or even downright boring. (I don't write it in any of the stages, because rhythm and rhyme schemes tend to twist my brain into a pretzel.) Now just happens to be one of those phases when I can't get enough. The one line that's on repeat in my head right now (am I the only one who gets poems and quotes stuck in my head as well as music?) is "Do not go gentle into that good night" from a poem of the same name by Dylan Thomas. I am not one to analyze the poems, I had enough of that in AP English, but sometimes they speak to me anyway.
Probably my all-time favorite poet is Emily Dickinson. A lot of people say she's pretty dark, and I'll agree that some of her poetry is dark ("Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me" and etc.) but some of it isn't dark at all. There are a lot of different themes in her poetry. For example, compassion: "If I can stop on heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain." She even writes about books! "He ate and drank the precious words, his spirit grew robust." I won't copy down the whole poem, but you get the idea. Click the links if you really want to read them.
That line, ^^ one of my favorites, is the farthest thing from dark and depressing.
Another poet whose work I like is William Butler Yeats. One of my favorite poems of his is "Adam's Curse." I will say that I like some of his works more than others.
Another one of my all-time favorite poets is Robert Frost (last one, i promise!). One of my favorite poems of his is "Nothing Gold Can Stay." "October" is a great fall poem. My favorite of his poems, cliche as it may be, is "The Road Not Taken." And, if you couldn't tell, I Also like typography of lines from poetry:
I hope that I have not bored you too much with my geekery

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