Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'd Fancy A Lake House.

I know it's Fall and very nearly Winter, but bear with me as I pine for Summer for a moment.
I have no idea whose little lake house this is, it's just a photo I found on Pinterest, but I'd love to go to a little house just like this one sometime. There's just something about lake houses, and lakes in general, that strikes my fancy. For whatever reason, I've been thinking more about them lately. They just seem so quaint and homey and like a place I wouldn't mind spending the summer at.
I can just see myself sitting on the edge of a dock like this one, dipping my toes in the water and reading a book with pages ruffled by the breeze off the lake. Mornings I'd wake up, take a cup of tea and my bible onto the porch (naturally my lake house would have a porch) and have my own little quiet time with only the sound of birds singing and water lapping on the shore. We'd have a rowboat and perhaps a few kayaks. Mid-morning, before the real heat of the day, we'd go out on the water and just paddle around, dipping our fingers in the water and watching fish swim beneath us.  Perhaps after lunch when it's hottest we'd go swimming or wading in the cool water. I'd pause for a few moments, just long enough for a few minnows to nibble at my toes. After eating dinner we'd go out on the porch with books or a journal in tow to spend a quiet evening enjoying nature and watching the sun set behind the lake until the sky dims so that the stars show and fireflies start flickering. Maybe some evenings after it gets dark we'd start a fire in the fire ring and roast marshmallows and sit around it until the fire is nothing more than glowing embers and we'd talk and laugh until we cry. Then, I'd crawl into bed with the windows open so that the cool night air and the unique lake-smell can waft freely through the house (Since this is my dream world, mosquitoes do not exist). And that would be my summer. Simple. Carefree. Delightful.
So yes. You could say I'd fancy a lake house.


  1. Yes Kristin, just yes. Could I come visit you? :D


  2. Sounds like a splendid dream house =)

  3. This makes me feel so nostalgic for my lake house, summer, and reading on the dock.

  4. Oh, beautiful! Makes me think of the movie, Lake House :D


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