Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Confession.

My 100th post was a few posts ago. This one is more like 104. I wanted to do something big and super exciting, but to be quite honest I didn't have the time or the inspiration! That carries over into my writing 365 as well. The things I'm writing are definitely not top quality for me. Usually, they're thrown together a few minutes before midnight just so I can keep the promise I made to myself. Even writing this post in which I attempt to make up for that fact, I'm browsing Pinterest while I try to think of an idea. And I think I have one. I'm going to be taking a blogging break. Maybe as short as a week, maybe two or three. It all depends on how long it takes to get my inspiration back. I'll still do my best to keep up with the project 365, because it's entirely too early to give up on that. I'll also still be around, reading your blogs, but I won't be posting on mine. Much like Frosty the Snowman, I'll be back again someday (soon)!


  1. Awe, well hope to see you back soon!

  2. Good luck! I hope you get some inspiration back :)

  3. Sometimes a break is needed. Rest up and don't look too hard for inspiration . . . it will come!


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