Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Year Ago Yesterday

On that day (March 23, 2012) I decided, rather abruptly, that I wanted to make a blog. I'd been reading a few blogs for some time (like Natalie Lloyd's and Katie's). I decided that it seemed like a pretty fun thing to do, so I started my blog, titled it "Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Nerd" and wrote my first post. I started out with a cutest blog on the block template and posted like mad. This was my first header:
That title was very impromptu and I soon decided that I didn't like it as much as I thought I did. About a month later I changed its name to "The Great Perhaps", having been inspired by John Green's Looking for Alaska. Along with that I changed my url. I chose a new template, and this was my new header:
This one stuck for quite a bit longer, but then in October I changed it once again to it's current title, Serendipity. I feel that this title finally fits perfectly. After all, that's really what this little blog is about.

Over the year that I've been blogging, my style has changed a lot. I appreciate those of you that have stuck with me from the very beginning, figuring out what I want this blog to be. Now I think it is everything that I want it to be. I don't post as much, but I don't make as many frivolous posts either. Everything I post about, no matter how small, means so much to me. This blog, as the title and description state, is made up of all of the little things that make me happy, the things that make my little world go round. I love reading your comments and making connections with you over these things. There may not be very many of you, but I value each and every one of you reading this right now. You're part of why I love blogging so much. I'm looking forward to another year just as enjoyable as the past one.

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  1. Awe, I love your "Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Nerd" but I also love "Serendipity"!
    Whenever I first stat a blog, I have too many posts going out and then I run dry and cannot come up with something to blog about. But now that I have stuck with my blog the longest than all my other attempts, I have found a good system.
    Congratulations on your year anniversary. Thank you for all your post, they are always delightful! :)


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