Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Dream

I think everybody has one. It's that one dream that's always kind of in the back of your head, and no matter how irrational it may sound, no matter whether the chances of your achieving it are slim to none, it still just sits there. Maybe you pull it out every once in a while, just to admire, but you can never let it go. For me, that dream is a little bookstore/coffeeshop nestled in between the post office and the dog groomer on a sunny tree lined street. I can smell it: the rich aroma of coffee mingling with that unmistakeable, slightly sweet scent of new books. I can see it: the round tables with comfy chairs and a fireplace in one corner. The shelves of books, new and used, a rainbow of spines. The sunset streaming in through the windows making warm blocks on the wood floor. I can hear the soft chatter, the whisper of book pages, the clattering and foaming of hot drinks being prepared. I know it'll never happen, but that doesn't mean I'll stop dreaming it. It's not so much that I'm hoping it'll come true as it makes me happy to picture. What's your favorite dream?

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  1. What an awesome dream! If only I lived in the states I would totally come and visit:)


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