Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, You Little Goober.

It's my brother's birthday today. He's 17 and I can hardly believe it. As annoying as he can be and as much as he antagonizes me, as cliche as this sounds, he really is one of my best friends. We have late night conversations after  I get home from work. We have hundreds of little inside jokes and we can be absolutely crazy around each other. We vent our frustrations to each other and he understands me like few other people. We confide in each other when our parents start to get to us or when we're having doubts or feeling insecure. We play cards and Monopoly together on lazy summer afternoons.
We make cocoa on cold snow-day afternoons. We watch movies and eat popcorn on quiet weekends. As much as we may pretend not to stand each other, I don't know what I would do without him.


  1. Hahahaha.....that's my sister's birthday..and she turned 17! :)

  2. Brothers are the best, aren't they? :D Mine turned 15 last September, and as much fun as I have with him, I'm still not entirely happy with him for having the cheek to grow to 6'2''. Oh, well... what are you gonna do?

    I've tagged/awarded you at Lianne Taimenlore!


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