Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Blogging and Such.

Why do I blog? It's a question I'm sure every blogger asks themselves at some point. What makes me want to pour out my thoughts and dreams to strangers (excuse the term, there was nothing better to use!) that I barely know beyond their name and reading their blog? For me anyway, I blog because I want to find people like me. People who love words and pictures. People who are genuine, passionate and maybe a little unconventional. Most important of all, people who love Jesus. That's only one reason, though. I also blog because my blog is kind of like a journal for me. I have tried countless times to write a journal on paper, but it lacked anything to motivate me. With my blog, I have that motivation: feedback, encouragement and the knowledge that the words I write matter to other people. Blogging is my favorite outlet. Even though I'm fairly new to it, I've fallen in love with it already.
 My Philosophy on Blogging: 
I have read blogs that made the blogger seem as though he or she has a perfect life. Some bloggers carve out the prettiest or most exciting parts of their lives and, along with breathtaking pictures, weave the story into a flawless blog post. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading posts like this but an entire blog like this gets old to me. I want to see their imperfections. I want to read about their occasional doubts, insecurities and mistakes and see how they used those to make themselves a better person.  I want to see their whole life, not just the edited, orchestrated parts of it. That's the kind of blogger I want to be, above all genuine and complete in my life story. If my readers begin to think they know me, I want them to know the real me and not just one side of me. Even though this blog will most likely only be a phase of my life,  I want it to be the most accurate representation of that phase possible. How else can I find people like me if I don't show who I really am?


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