Monday, June 18, 2012

My Week In Review.

This past week was so much fun. From Monday through Thursday, I was at a campground with my youth group. We have a rather small youth group, and only about  seven kids went on the trip. Every day after eating breakfast at the camp, we went and did some small project. We painted a propane tank and parts of a house, we pulled weeds, we cleaned our church, we volunteered at a homeless shelter, and we volunteered at a material resource center. Of course, besides working, we also had a lot of down time to hang out and play games. Every evening, we played volleyball as well as some card games - Scum and Dutch Blitz, if you are familiar with either. The campground also has a really nice pool, with fountains and a slide:
That was a lot of fun. Still, believe it or not, that wasn't my favorite part of last week. My favorite part was the weekend and camping at Spruce Lake. Every year, my church goes there on the same weekend: Father's Day weekend. It's one of my favorite places ever. It's in the woods and so quiet and peaceful. All of my friends from church are there, and we have a blast. I managed to take a few pictures:

This is the view behind our campsite (It looks a lot better in person!):

And, as you most likely assumed from the name, there is a small lake:
I love this place so much. Every year, I'm sad to leave and I'm already anxious to go back next year. If I didn't already have SO MANY things to do over summer, I would want to work there as a counselor.

So that was my week. I enjoyed it immensely, but I'm still glad to be home again so I can get into my summer routine. Within the next week I plan to do a series of posts that will hopefully help you, my readers, get to know me better. Also, I believe a "snippets" post is in order seeing as the halfway point of the month has already passed.


  1. I love the pics! Looks really fun Kristin!



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