Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

 After working my butt off today (gotta love last-minute grocery shoppers) I finally got a chance to go home and relax. After mixing up the hot chocolate truffles for my bestfriend (I sure hope they turn out okay) I finally got a chance to enjoy the holiday. I just love the feeling of it being Christmas Eve and the fact that I don't really have a care in the world, just for the rest of today and for tomorrow. It's currently flurrying outside and I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Every year it's the same thing: after supper on Christmas Eve, my brother and I get to open the small gifts in our stockings. One of us will read the Christmas story from the bible. It's such a cozy, homey feeling. Afterwards I will inevitably feel the need to make a cup of cocoa (especially if, as is often the case, I receive some cocoa in my stocking). The evening will be spent watching a cheesy yet wonderful Christmas movie and reading in bed before turning off my lamp and snuggling down to sleep. I will still feel a twinge of excitement in my stomach for the next morning even though I am 19 and have a pretty good idea of what my presents will be. It's just the way it goes.
Tomorrow we'll go to my Grandma's house to have Christmas dinner and open presents and spend the whole day there, talking and laughing and playing card game after card game. We'll have leftovers for supper and even though we were there the whole day, we'll stay until at least 8:00. It's absolutely wonderful. Christmas time is my favorite for so many reasons, but family has to be one of the biggest. I love every single one of our traditions.
I hope you lovelies all have a very merry Christmas!

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