Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Pinspiration.

I haven't done a pinspirational Tuesday post in a while, and I know that today isn't Tuesday, but just go with it.

I may be reading too far into it, but I feel like the things I pin over a certain time period can tell a lot about my mood or how I was feeling that day. The same goes for Tumblr. The things I pin define me, and I guess that's kind of the point.
I have been obsessing over this quote for a while now. I've been wanting to write it everywhere, quoting it to myself, and I even made it my facebook status.
 Typography makes me swoon. The end.
 My "quoted" board is the biggest, and it's really no surprise. Words speak to me like nothing else.
Pretty much sums up my life.
I have been pinning pumpkin flavored things like there's no tomorrow. I am not ashamed of this.
There are so many beautiful places in the world, and I've seen so few of them.

And finally, I promise this is the last set, some generally pretty things that I've pinned lately:
Ah, Pinterest. 'Tis my favorite way to waste time. My boards are here, and my collection grows every day. Do you use Pinterest? If so, are you as addicted as I am?


  1. Yes I am definitely addicted to pinterest! And my Quotes board is the biggest too!


  2. Yes, I am very addicted to Pinterest. Period. I loved the one of the tree! <3



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