Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awkward | Awesome

- Fighting with the girl who's supposed to be one of your best friends
- Going right from cold weather to hot weather (spring, where are you?)
- Not having cash at a little diner where they don't accept credit cards
- Waking up completely sore from a 6 mile hike

- Going on a 6 mile hike with friends
- Going shopping with a (different) best friend
- Cute little diners that have been in your town for your whole life that you just never got a chance to visit
- Getting new books at Goodwill (50 cents each? sounds good to me)

That's a little of my life right now. What's up with you guys lately?

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  1. Books at Goodwill are definitely awesome!!! :D

    Hmmm... I can relate about being sore, only my aches came from playing 2 hours or more of volleyball with my cousins. But it was lots of fun!


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