Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer, Please Hurry

 I am more than excited for summer to get here. Fall may be my favorite season, but I've gone a little Summer-crazy for the moment. I only have two weeks of class left, and then I'm free for three and a half whole months. And what will I be doing for my three and a half months of freedom? I have no shortage of plans. Many of them involve my best friends and the boy. We're going to amusement parks, hiking, picnicking, swimming and just general frolicking. There are also at least two camping trips planned with my family. Of course I'm going to spend a lot of time reading, trying to catch up on my 50 book reading goal for this year (the current total? a measly 10 books).

And of course on top of the fun there is going to be quite a bit of working involved: on top of my current job, I plan on finding a second job because the extra cash would definitely be appreciated. I'll probably be working nearly every day this summer, but hopefully I can still make time for all of the wonderful plans I mentioned above. I have a feeling that this just might be the best summer yet.


  1. Your summer plans sound awesome! What kind of job do you have/are looking for?

    1. I currently have a job as a cashier/charge person/customer service person at a grocery store. I'm hoping to get either a receptionist type job or possibly work as a waitress because tips would be awesome.

  2. Wow...your summer is going to be amazing! I totally get why you are so excited!

  3. I am a summer girl!! LOVE it. It is my favorite season of the year. It is such an exciting time full of laughter and sunshine and friends! I'm glad you are looking forward to it too!! :D
    I'm thinking this might be my best summer yet too. And that is pretty awesome. So glad to be following your blog!


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