Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Ready.

I want this so badly right now. For the past four days it hasn't gotten above 20 degrees. It's absolutely miserable. The cold wind stings your face, your fingers feel like they're frozen even beneath the mittens and your toes soon go numb. Long story short, I've had enough of this winter business. I say, full steam ahead to Spring and Summer. I'm ready for warmth and vacations to the mountains and trips to the lake and hikes through the woods. I'm ready for green and sunshine and warm rough sidewalk beneath my bare feet. I'm ready for fresh juicy watermelon and ice pops and grilled hamburgers and lemonade. I'm ready for a breeze that caresses my face instead of stinging it, for the smell of spring wafting through open car windows, for warm grass, a blanket and a book. I'm ready.


  1. I love winter and summer, but do not like the summer here in AZ. It gets unbearably hot you can never go outside. I'm the opposite, I want it to stay winter here a bit longer before the heat comes. :)


  2. I'm with Pepper on this one :P Cali and Arizona are pretty similar. It hasn't been colder than high 40's this winter during the day, but on average its in the 60's-70's during the day. I far prefer it to the 110 degree summers!


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