Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Moon

 She often wished she could meet the moon; he looked like a jolly smiling man having the time of his life up there among the stars. He was always bathed in sunlight, and instead of soaking it all up for himself, he reflected it back to earth. What a kind, gentle being he must be! She imagined the conversations they'd have. He'd tell her all about his life watching over the earth and she'd tell him all about her life living on it. She imagined it'd be like Lucy's tea with Mr. Tumnus: two creatures alien to each other yet warm and cosy and talking like old friends. The moon already felt like a familiar comrade. The world looked like a less friendly place when his smiling face didn't shine upon it. 



  1. Is this yours? You wrote this? this is lovely. I love it. i'm really getting into writing and things like this inspire me so much! I love it. It's really amazing.


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